What is flyball?


Flyball is a fast paced and exciting team sport for dogs, in which teams of four compete in a relay race over four jumps to retrieve a ball from a spring loaded box and return back over the jumps through the start line.


The quickest team to have all four dogs to retrieve the ball and back without any faults wins that heat. The race is then won by the team to win the best of five heats.


Over time, dogs competing in sanctioned tournaments receive points that add up to earn awards at certain milestones. The first is the Flyball Dog Award at 200 points.



New dogs to the sport are referred to as 'starters'.


Starters tournaments are held for teams to enter where the course is fully netted, with slightly different rules to allow new dogs and their handlers to get a feel for the ring atmosphere before they debut in open racing. 


To find out more about our starter courses, contact us or take a look at our Facebook page for more information! We currently train in Twyford on a Sunday morning. 

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