How old does my dog have to be?


Repetitive training and jumping is not recommended for any dog until their growth-plates close. For this reason dogs must be at least 12 months old before they can enter a British Flyball Association starters tournament and are not recommended to begin full training much earlier than this. Flyball isn’t restricted to young dogs however and training can start at any later age.

How long will it take to fully train my dog?


How long is a piece of string?! Some dogs take to it quicker than others, and while your dog will not be running a full flyball course after one session, you will definitely see (albeit slow) progression between training sessions that'll ultimately lead to your dog becoming a well trained, fully fledged flyball dog!

Do I need any equipment?


Nope! All equipment such as jumps, flyball box, balls and props will be provided by the club you choose to join. We do recommend, however, that you bring your dog's favourite reward to work to- whether this be a toy or some kind of food treat they really really enjoy!


How can I compete?


If you're looking to compete, you'll need to join a club. Contact your local flyball club to find out if they're taking on new members and pop along to a training session to get learning!