It's possible to find flyball happening somewhere in the country on most weekends, even during the winter months when indoor venues are used. Team members are asked about their availability well in advance so that we can plan which teams to enter. Once the entry form has been sent off the cost is split between the members that have agreed to participate. If a team member finds that they can no longer make the tournament after the entry has been submitted they then become liable for reimbursing the entire entry fee if their withdrawal results in the team no longer being able to compete.

We usually restrict ourselves to competitions within an hour or two driving but sometimes make exceptions! Competition entries have to be submitted as soon as a schedule is published because demand for places is usually very high. Seeding's are applied close to the tournament date and sometimes (for 2 day tournaments) we may not know on which day we will be running until a few days before.

Useful Documentation

BFA Membership Renewal Form - HERE

BFA Rules - HERE

BFA Competition Rules & Etiquette - HERE

EFC Competition Rules & Etiquette - HERE


2015 Competition Diary available to download here